Alexis' First Barrette holder
Personal Story

When my daughter Alexis Jade was born, my life changed in more
ways than I ever imagined.
(I'm sure all you mommies can relate to
As a new and very busy stay-at-home mom, I needed to focus my
energy on my new baby daughter. As Alexis grew older
and more
I was able to dedicate more time to my artistic outlet.

Being that I am such a clothing and accessory queen, it was only
natural that my daughter would soon become a little fashion
herself. Whenever I couldn't find the right shirt, sweater, or pa
nts to
match her outfits, I would simply embellish what she already had
. I
would use fabric paint to design a detail,
glue on crystals and sew on
to create the perfect look. Of course, the matching barrettes
and bows were essential to creating her distinctive style. With all the
lovely golden brown hair she was born with, the barrettes went from
being accessories to necessities. As the months of new mommy hood
passed, trying to find the matching barrettes and bows to each
coordinating outfit became quite a task!  The barrettes would end up in
miscellaneous drawers, and closets, or they would get lost or
accidentally thrown away. I decided to create my own version of a
barrette holder, so they could be in one convenient place at all times.
My project began with hand painting a butterfly-shaped piece of wood,
enhancing it with dazzling crystals and glitter, and using graceful ribbon
to coordinate it with the décor of her room. Personalizing it with her
name was the final touch. My project turned out to be not just an
organizational and practical tool, but it also became Alexis’ very own
extraordinary wall art.

Family and friends saw my whimsical creation of the fancy barrette
holder, and it became an instant success,…a must-have among all! My
little hobby soon turned into my business venture. Being a product of an
entrepreneurial family, paired with ten years of my own sales and
business experience, I knew I could take on this endeavor. I finally
discovered a balance between caring for my family and achieving my
own creative niche by doing something I love to do. The result of my
vision became “Made with Hugs and Kisses xoxo, Inc.”

The birth of my sweet baby daughter was what inspired me and offered
this amazing opportunity for discovery and reinvention. We tell Alexis
that she is Made with (lots of) Hugs and Kisses xoxo. I thank my
husband Angelo, my precious little girl Alexis Jade “Lexi
,” my new baby
girl, "Avery Rebeca," my family and close friends for believing in me. I
look forward to sharing this experience with both of my daughters one
day. This is my long time dream come true.

Carrie E. Appio
Made with Hugs and Kisses xoxo,
Carrie E. Appio’s Creations
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